1975 Was a Very Sunshine Year - Doris Day, John Denver and a Sunshine Medley

This week's Old School Friday is Songs that Make Me Smile. I came across this clip from The Doris Day Show from 1975 - it's a duet between Doris Day and John Denver.

I know a lot of people never cared for John Denver but there was something about his music that I always loved - I miss him and his music. Pairing John Denver with Doris Day is almost a "Sunshine" overload but this medley of Sunshine songs does bring a smile to your lips - if only at the end when you watch those two skinny little tooshies dance away from the camera in a happy little jig.

The set and clothing are predictably yellow, full of flowers and very Doris Day-Girl Next Door. You can almost count the freckles on Day's face (if it wasn't for the famous Doris Day lens blur you probably could!) Denver is a mop headed Muppet of a hippie with his round glasses and blond Beatles hair. The pair are almost a "happy overload" but it's still amazing to see both these singers again almost 35 years later and remember when . . .

Yes, 1975 was a good year - the Baby Boom Generation was still young, our lives were ahead of us and we basked in the warmth of youth. Those were the days when there was no guilt heaped on us for laying out in a bathing suit, lathered in coconut oil and soaking up the rays while we listened to the latest John Denver tune or Beach Boys hit. Those were the days before the worries of the world came to rest on us, the days of Sunshine on our Shoulders.

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