Halloween is just two weeks away so this week I'm posting my 13 favorite Halloween Recipes from The Martini Diva and The Diva of Tiny Foods - these are the cocktails and appetizers I would serve at my own Halloween Party:

  1. The Slimy Eyeball Martini - How can you not love something you can stick an eyeball in for a garnish??
  2. The Smashed Pumpkin Martini - this martini actually tastes like pumpkin pie!
  3. The Nose Picker Martini - Yes, it's a really good tasting coconut, banana, melon martini but, guys, my favorite part is the name - be good little goblins and drink you boogers, LOL!
  4. The Count's Bloodtini - This is a tomato based martini that really tastes good and it looks like you're drinking blood - perfect for the vampire lovers out there!
  5. The Jack-O-Lantern Martini - This is one of my favorite martinis - all the rest of the year I call it the Orange Julius Martini but, hey, it's Halloween so toss in a Pumpkin Peep and get your ghoul on.
  6. The Spider and Snake Martini - Come on, how can you not love a martini made with Blavod Black Vodka and garnished with gummy worms and spiders?
  7. Mad Science Soup Tubes - This is such a fun food - it's basically cold gazpacho soup BUT the kicker is you serve it up in test tubes and display them in a bucket with dry ice - so fun and so tasty!
  8. Nose Booger Pickers - Eeeuuww - such a gruesome name for simple grissini (skinny bread sticks) dipped in green colored cheese - they go great with the Nose Picker Martini!
  9. Worms in Black Ooze - A gory name for a really delish black bean dip - the worms? chow mien noodles!!! Oh, this one is just fun!
  10. Cheezy Finger Food - Yup, cheese molded into severed fingers, hope you're not queasy!
  11. Eerie Eyeball Eats - These look like eyeballs but they're tasty mozzarella and olive appetizers.
  12. Oh, Dem Bones, Dem Bones - Tender and tasty bone shaped bread sticks - great alone or for dipping with #13.
  13. Slimy Green Goo - Spinach Dip, what else? Serve it up in a hollowed out gourd for added holiday flavor.

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