Revisiting the Carousel Art of my Past - Art does not age

I'm working on formatting one of my Carousel Drawings from the 80s for my new store Carousel Corner. Back then I fell in love with carousels and merry go rounds and did a whole series of colored pencil drawings based on some of the most famous carvings - Dentzel being probably one of the most famous and well known. I recently came back into possession of a lot of my art from years past and when I opened the portfolio and saw the photos I decided to digitally "remaster" them and put them up on a store just for carousels.

Today I'm getting the Lion and Tiger done and will get all my products done for them sometime later today or tomorrow. I already have several of my horse carousel drawings, cats and a carousel rabbit done and on the store on tees, cups, posters and other gear.

These are the most adorable images for children's rooms - not to mention the childlike adults who love carousels. The beautiful carvings done in the 1800s and the early 1900s by carvers like Dentzel, Muller and others were so intricate and just beautifully painted that I kept my drawings pretty faithful to the originals but I have made some "artistic" changes to suit the drawings themselves.

Funny, I never really think of going back in my art life and revisiting it and that's silly. Art is one of the things that never ages, never loses it's value over time and never becomes passe. These drawings are still lovely, whimsical and - if I do say so myself - beautifully drawn.

I guess you can go home again - if you take your crayons with you!



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