My High School Senior Prom - 1969? OMG!

Today's theme for Old School Friday is Prom. Interestingly enough this year is the 40th Anniversary of my high school graduation and no, I am NOT going to the reunion. But I will take a little journey back four decades to tell you a little about my Senior Prom.

I was "going steady" with an older guy - wow, he was already 21, lol. He was also into motorcycles and was rebuilding an old Harley 54 so I spent a lot of time with him in a garage. He did have a car too, a tricked out burgundy mustang that was my prom "chariot". Back in the sixties we did not indulge in the luxuries of limos, heck, we were lucky if we had a boyfriend who had a car of his own!

I had a beautiful, pure white dress with an empire bodice that was pearl beaded and studded with a few lovely crystals. I wore white satin shoes (you could get them at Thom McAnn) and an "updo" that was sprayed to within an inch of steel hardness, lol. My corsage was a simple white arm wrist orchid.

We went out to dinner at a local steakhouse and had Chateaubriand (fine dining to an 18 year old and something I haven't seen on a restaurant menu in 25 years, whatever happened to it?) Then off to the prom at the gym - nope, our school or prom committee did not spring for a fancy ballroom at an upscale hotel either. If they had I'm sure the prom tickets would have been a lot pricier than they were!

Honestly, I cannot really remember much more except for sitting at a big table with a bunch of other kids in frilly dresses and rented tuxes. I'm sure I had a good time but evidently not that memorable!

I'm sure you're wondering one thing because so many kids see this night as so special in their relationship. . . . and, no, I did not. Maybe that's why it wasn't so memorable, lol!

And yes, we did have our song which was played at the prom for a slow dance. As a result of parental disapproval of my dating a "biker" we felt a little like star-crossed lovers and our song was:

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