What ever happened to BOBBY SHERMAN?

My friend, Malcolm, commented about a commercial with Bobby Sherman on my David Cassidy post this last Monday and he got me to wondering what ever happened to Bobby Sherman.

You remember him, he was a huge fantasy object of teenage girls in the 60s and 70s. I have to admit I thought he was cute too - even though I was more into Herman of Herman's Hermits (Peter Noone).

I certainly remember watching Shindig religiously, along with Hullabaloo and others like them. I think I even watched American Bandstand a time or two as a teenager - I certainly saw Bandstand often when my sister was a teenager and I was her annoying little sister!

I do remember loving him in the television show Here Come The Brides - remember that one? It also starred a very young David Soul!

And I'll bet you forgot all about Bobby's short lived series called Getting Together! Bobby appeared on the Partridge Family as a pilot for the show which only lasted 13 episodes.

Just to remind you of that teenage crush you had on Bobby, here are some more fun videos below. And at the bottom of the post is a little surprise on "where is he now"!

Bobby Sherman Shindig Milk Commercial:

Little Woman 1970:

Bobby Sherman on The Partridge Family - Double Whammy Nostalgia!

Bobby Sherman now works with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office!

Now how cool would it be if you got pulled over for speeding by Bobby Sherman????? And to think I actually live nearby there - look out Southern California freeway system, I'm on a mission!!! LOL.

Photos from BobbySherman.com.

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