This week's OSF is Actors Who Sing and when I saw that I immediately thought of David Soul singing Don't Give Up On Us Baby. David Soul was one of the stars of Starsky and Hutch in the 1970s. When I was a kid and teenybopper many of my favorite tv stars made attempts at being pop stars as well and I've posted just a few of the more famous (or infamous) examples here for a little fun musical nostalgia:

You may also remember Shelley Fabares (of The Donna Reed Show) and her one hit, Johnny Angel:

And how about Johnny Crawford (The Rifleman) singing Cindy's Birthday:

And Remember Paul Peterson (also of The Donna Reed Show) and She Can't Find Her Keys:

And Richard Chamberlain was quite a decent singer, starring in several musicals later in his career. Here's a couple of his earliest, including him singing the theme from Dr. Kildaire Three Stars Will Shine Tonight and Hi Lili Hi Lo:

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