DID YOU KNOW? The very first ice cream mix-in!

This image is my artistic ode to penny candies that I knew and loved as a child called "Why Baby Boomers Need Dentures"

I have a gigantic sweet tooth and right now I am eating a hot fudge sundae with lots of chocolate jimmies. It got me to thinking about retro candies and ice cream when I was a kid.

Did you know the very first ice cream mix-in was Rocky Road? Yup, developed by Edy's Grand (aka Dreyers), and the marshmallows had to be cut by hand with scissors because there was no automated equipment designed for the task in those days! Wonder who cut up the nuts????

Another interesting ice cream fact from pop culture - Baskin Robbins/31 Flavors marketed their brand by creating a different ice cream flavor for every day of the month - hence, 31 Flavors!

Here's a nice little historic tidbit for those of you who love soft serve. Soft serve was created by accident when a vehicle breakdown occurred - Caravella (aka Carvel) took what could have been a small disaster and turned it into an American treat!

So, there you have it - a slightly sticky post inspired by a sugar rush!