So, I went to buy some bread at the local market the other day and almost fell on my face when I saw that good bread was almost $5 a loaf! Five bucks a loaf! Holy Yeast! And to think I gave away my breadmaker because it was so big and bulky! It seems to me that food has tripled in cost in the last year or so. What is going on?????? I'm on a diet and I don't want to diet!

Gas prices, food prices, housing prices - the cost of everything is soaring except my income! Do you remember when a loaf of bread was fifty cents? When a gallon of gas was less under a dollar? Heck, I remember buying a couple of gallons of gas to "cruise the Freeze" (back in prehistoric, pre-Bushes America) for under a dollar! You could get a McDonald's burger for 25 cents - which is probably what's it's worth today. Of course, the burger was the size of the quarter you paid for it.

It's getting so you can't afford to go anywhere, eat anything or live anywhere. It's sort of the unisex version of keeping them "barefoot and pregnant" maybe? Keep the people busy trying to survive and they won't interfere with your plans to take over the Universe? I don't want to cry "conspiracy" but hunger and cabin fever have driven me insane! I see the "hamburgler" behind every Bush and I'm hearing "let them eat cake - bread is too expensive" pounding in my calorie deprived brain!

This country is going to hell in a bread basket but I won't be here to see it - I'll have been confined to a loony bin way before it happens. . . . . oh, wait, they feed you, clothe you and house you in loony bins for free don't they? Oh no, I forgot, they quit doing that in the seventies. . . . .