I'm sitting here working on getting my website done and I'm munching on Tootsie Rolls. I've loved Tootsie Rolls since I first discovered them Trick or Treating. (Now there's another Pop Culture post!). Chewy chocolate that makes your mouth water to a level of flood. I find them now in those big plastic containers at Costco, but there was a time when you could buy them as penny candy. The came in two forms as penny candy - short and stubby and thin and long. For some reason I have always preferred the thin and long (I like my men that way too - and get your mind out of the gutter - I like slim tall men, okay?), - but I'll take the short stubbies (NOT men - tootsies) if that's all that's available. I never liked the five cent size - it looked too much like something I have to pick up with a baggie, if you know what I mean. But those penny candy sizes were just fine. I have been collecting wav, midi and mp3 files of old television themes, movie themes, sound bytes and commercials and I have several tootsie roll files. I'll call in and audio post it after I finish working today. Just another little snap to your memory synapses - hope it brings back a smile.
P.S. Tootsie rolls were the first penny candy to be individually wrapped in paper for sale - I found that on the Tootsie History page - I'm not that bloody old! And you can get them wrapped in Patriotic colors now. Well, time marches on.