Fun, Colorful FROG ART Inspired by Sixties Pop

Who doesn't like a colorful amphibian?

I have adored those colorful Amazon Rain Forest frogs for years.  They look just like something I would create as a piece of pop art so I decided it was time to do exactly that. This little guy is a conglomeration of all of the frogs rolled together in my contemporary sixties inspired pop art style.

Honestly, as bright and colorful as this illustration is, it's not much more colorful than the real frogs that populate the Rain Forest. Seriously, check these little guys out, aren't they just croaking to be made into pop art??

I am particularly fond of the Red Eyed Tree Frog - check out the belly and see how that inspired my frog's belly:

If you look very closely at my FROG POP ART POSTER you'll see I added a little Op Art effect to the eyes and had a little fun doing some chameleon color changes on the body as well as adding some bling to the toes and legs and some "pop" spots to the back.
I might have to do more frogs - and I'm thinking a lizard would be kind of fun too...

Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!

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