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Give Peace A Chance

This is actually a redo of an acrylic painting I did about 20+ years ago:

Shady Characters
 I've often said I believe in re-purposing and that applies to my art as well.  Sometimes I just want to revisit a piece and put a new spin on it that reflects changes in myself and my views. Or, as in this case, I look at a piece and see a new way to have fun with it!

Someone asked me once if the original painting, Shady Characters, was a portrait of John Lennon.  It wasn't, but once asked I could see the resemblance in the bottom face a bit, especially with those round glasses:

I came across the image again recently and remembered that comment and in my head I heard John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance" and that was enough to set me off on a little trip to "Strawberry Fields".  I scanned the photo image in my portfolio and took it on a "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Imagined" a new pop art version and titled it "Shades of The Sixties" The Walrus and Sgt. Pepper would be proud.
You'll notice I used the pop art design from my Guitars below. I thought it fit into my theme nicely and I love those shooting stars, it's a little "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

This is a nice melding of two of my creative eras and a nice blending of "real" art with digital, something I really enjoy doing.  I plan on doing a few more re-purposed pieces!

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