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Pop Art Cowboy Boots Series #3

When I started this painting I was thinking about cowboys tuckered out from riding the range, enjoying a final cup of Cookie's coffee and toasting their toes in front of the campfire under the canopy of the night sky.  Nearby were their boots, well worn and broken in from lots of wear - bent at the toes and shaped into comfortable familiarity.  Anyone who's a fan of cowboy boots knows that once you get your boots to that state of comfort there's nothing as easy on a hard working foot - not even a pricey pair of sneakers.

The title came from that visualization and the cosmic boot design was from my own desire to own a pair of cowboy boots with my favorite space theme.  I never found a pair of boots like that and, short of custom ordering a pair, I probably won't ever own my own pair of Midnight Cowboy (or Cowgirl in this case) Boots but at least I got some inspiration from my wish.

This is the third Cowboy Boot Pop Art in a series of four.  The first two were posted the last two weeks and next Friday I'll post the last piece from the series so make sure to stop by.
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