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Pop Art Cowboy Boots Series #4

Electric Slide Boots is the fourth and final painting in my Pop Art Cowboy Boots series.  These were actually a pair of cowboy boots I owned and wore, the only difference is I used white where my boots were black.  The white pops more against the lavender - purple cosmic sky scape background so I took a little creative license with a favorite pair of shoes for the sake of art.

The name comes from a western dance made popular during the Urban Cowboy era called the Electric Slide - still a popular dance in cowboy bars today.  I always liked the music and thought the name was a perfect fit for this illustration.

Like the other three paintings in this series (Midnight Cowboy Boots, All Dressed Up, Sunrise Sunset, Ya'll), Electric Slide Boots has a space inspired background - a recurring theme in my work over the years as a result of having been a sci-fi illustrator way back in my earlier illustration career.  Painting alien skies, moon, stars & meteors is much more fun than painting ugly alien monsters as far as I'm concerned - I'll leave the monsters to Hollywood FX experts and teenage boys!
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