FRANK SINATRA - Old Blue Eyes Does Christmas Songs

The theme for this week on Old School Friday is Gone But Not Forgotten and the one person I can think of, especially at this time of year, is Old Blue Eyes, Mr. Frank Sinatra. Maybe it was because my folks would always play 78s on the HiFi of Sinatra's Christmas Songs during the holidays.

BTW, to you younger readers a 78 is the original size that records came out on! Later Albums were called 33s and single song discs 45s. Do you know why they used those numbers? Because that was the RPM or revolutions per minute the disc would spin on the turntable!

What will be playing on your turntable, CD player, iPod, Blue Ray or Blackberry this year?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The Christmas Waltz

The Christmas Song - Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

White Christmas (from 1944)

I'll Be Home For Christmas

It's Christmas Central in
PopArtDiva Land this month!

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  1. Wow those are great picks. I've never thought to investigate Sinatra's holiday selections.

    I'm used to his standards and movies. Now I'm more familiar with these.

    Thanks and Happy OSF!

  2. Martin - He did quite a few Christmas duets with Bing Crosby and, of course, Dino (Dean Martin) too. Search YouTube for those - they're classics.

  3. My mother used to play him and Johnny Mathis a lot at Christmas time and I love watching the old B&W movies! Classics!
    Nice choice!
    Stop by my OSF spot when you get the chance!

  4. I love Christmas music...and Sinatra is in the top of my picks.

    Great choices! Happy OSF!

  5. Regina - Many of these songs are more closely identified with another crooner (Johnny Mathis is the one for The Christmas Song, Bing Crosby for White Christmas, etc.) but I can listen to Frank sing anything for hours.

    Marvalus - Yeah, Frank and Elvis always had top billing in our house during the holidays, lol.


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