Happy Together - Going Steady in the Sixties

OLD SCHOOL FRIDAY - This week's theme: Let's Cuddle Up

Back in the sixties when you were dating someone you usually ended up in an exclusive relationship - we called it going steady. You'd trade class rings and everyone would know you were together - probably because you always were! If you had a boyfriend or girlfriend you pretty much spent all the time between classes glued to each other in some way, either arms around each other, kissing in the hall, hands hooked in pockets or belts. When you dated in the sixties it was a long term thing and not today's concept of "hooking up".

One of my favorite songs while dating one of my high school boyfriends was "Happy Together" by the Turtles. I loved that song and it became our song while we "went steady" - later I think our break up song was "Heard it Through the Grapevine", lol. Yes, I went out with someone else before I "officially" broke up with my Happy Together guy - my bad. Hey, I never said I was an angel, ok?

Somehow these two songs never got plastered with the bad aura of my bad behavior and the break up and I have always loved them.

The Turtles - Happy Together

Marvin Gaye - Heard It Through the Grapevine

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  1. Diva, I believe that you and I came out of high school the same year. I remember these songs well. The Turtles' song was played everywhere. Going steady was a way of life for young teens. And so was the break-up as you mentioned. Thanks for helping me to reminisce.

  2. If I remember correctly, you and I came out of high school at the same time. Yes, going steady was a way of life as was breaking up and holding on to one until you made your mind up about another. Yup.

    I remember both songs well too. Happy OSF!

  3. I went steady a few times in high school and the best part was wearing his ring around my neck. (Remember that song?)
    Step one: he'd give you his HS ring.
    Step two: you'd wind dental floss around it and seal that together with bright pink nail polish.
    Step three: you'd wear it on a chain around your neck and show it off to all your girlfriends.
    Simply heavenly... I'm swooning right now just remembering! :-)

  4. "Happy Together" was my song with the guy that broke my heart into smithereens and it took me decades to get over him. I still love the song, even though it is still tinged with painful memories.

    I'm now reunited with and happily married to my very first boyfriend (11 years). We scandalized our Catholic grammar school by openly going steady. The nuns squashed that, so we had to take it underground.

    Solid relationship building seems difficult to do with such casual "hook-ups." But then, youth is for experimentation. I'm not sure if today's young people will have more solid relationships for sowing their wild oats and getting it out of their systems. Seems to me many boomers who went steady are still doing that in the form of serial monogamy and marriages. Whatever leads to Happy Together in the end!

  5. Rev - yes we both graduated in '69. Those were the days, lol.

    Eileen - I used tape on my rings or string and clear nail polish but wore mine. I never wore a ring around my neck on a chain though I think that was the fashion before I was dating - I remember my sister did that.

  6. You couldn't go steady in Catholic school? Jeez, they really were strict!

  7. LOVE "So Happy Together." Such a nice groove and lyrics. The 60's (and 50's) were the perfect era for cuddle songs. As I said in my OSF post, I think there was something about those more strict eras that made the pace of dating a little slower, thus allowing for cuddling as an act in and of itself.

  8. PPR-Scribe - I think you're right about that, Victorian morals promote cuddling - remember "bundling", the old Pennsylvania Dutch courting practice?

  9. nice post... keep it up...

  10. I'm love, love, love Marvin Gaye and tried real hard not to pick him for this theme!LOL!! Thanks for posting him for me!


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