My High School Senior Prom - 1969? OMG!

Today's theme for Old School Friday is Prom. Interestingly enough this year is the 40th Anniversary of my high school graduation and no, I am NOT going to the reunion. But I will take a little journey back four decades to tell you a little about my Senior Prom.

I was "going steady" with an older guy - wow, he was already 21, lol. He was also into motorcycles and was rebuilding an old Harley 54 so I spent a lot of time with him in a garage. He did have a car too, a tricked out burgundy mustang that was my prom "chariot". Back in the sixties we did not indulge in the luxuries of limos, heck, we were lucky if we had a boyfriend who had a car of his own!

I had a beautiful, pure white dress with an empire bodice that was pearl beaded and studded with a few lovely crystals. I wore white satin shoes (you could get them at Thom McAnn) and an "updo" that was sprayed to within an inch of steel hardness, lol. My corsage was a simple white arm wrist orchid.

We went out to dinner at a local steakhouse and had Chateaubriand (fine dining to an 18 year old and something I haven't seen on a restaurant menu in 25 years, whatever happened to it?) Then off to the prom at the gym - nope, our school or prom committee did not spring for a fancy ballroom at an upscale hotel either. If they had I'm sure the prom tickets would have been a lot pricier than they were!

Honestly, I cannot really remember much more except for sitting at a big table with a bunch of other kids in frilly dresses and rented tuxes. I'm sure I had a good time but evidently not that memorable!

I'm sure you're wondering one thing because so many kids see this night as so special in their relationship. . . . and, no, I did not. Maybe that's why it wasn't so memorable, lol!

And yes, we did have our song which was played at the prom for a slow dance. As a result of parental disapproval of my dating a "biker" we felt a little like star-crossed lovers and our song was:

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  1. Your video has an error...but the story was absolutely lovely!

    Happy OSF!!

  2. Marvalus - sorry about that - it plays fine for me but I think sometimes YouTube gets bogged down.

    Glad you enjoyed the story!

  3. I just joined your followers. Yesterday we had our 40 Year Class Reunion. It was too much fun and amazingly we have only lost six. I love your humor and look forward to reading your next entry.

  4. Maxi - Thank you for the follow and I hope you enjoy my future posts. You might also want to read some of the blog posts in the archives!

    Happy 40th Reunion!

  5. As Bob Hope was fond of singing: "Thanks for the memories..." My prom dress was pink with a lace bodice and a matching shawl. My mother was a seamstress and sewed it for me. I, too, sprayed my hair until it crackled when touched and then, ever so deftly, screwed in several little curled bobby pins that had pink rhinestones attached. My shoes were also from Thom McAnn but I died them pink to match my outfit.
    Talk about a vision in pink! I think I probably looked like one huge bottle of Pepto Bismol!!!

  6. Eileen - yes, my shoes were "peau du soie" probably like yours - remember, they could die them to match any dress? It was the height of high school haute couture for the masses (and Jersey weddings, lol).

    I remember those bobby pins with the rhinestones - for my senior prom the hairdresser weaved strings of faux pearls through my uplifted curls to match my dress - I'd forgotten about those pearls until you mentioned the bobby pins!


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