My Funny Valentine - Chaka Khan and other retro junk

Before you get into my Old School Friday entry - click on my new logo and masthead design above and check out my new design for Pop Art Diva Dot Com's homepage and tell me if you like the new arrangement and look - is it easier to navigate, clearer to understand? I'd really appreciate your comments below!

Now back to OSF - Sorry I missed last week for Old Schoo Friday - but I'm back this week for Chaka Khan! And, of course, I had to find something that would represent my baby boomer roots and I found this lovely version of My Funny Valentine:

I also did a really run retro cartoon style illustration for The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery called School Dazed that will bring back a few memories for those of you who grew up in the fifties - remember the tin lunch boxes and thermoses we carried? How about Big Chief Tablets? You can read more on last Saturday's post and you can get it on tees, cups, tote bags and other stuff by clicking the image below:

I've also done several other new designs for my other five stores and the links are below if you want to check them out:

The PopArtDiva™ Gift Gallery

The Martini Diva™ Boutique


Cocktail Napkin Wit & Wisdom

The Normal Challenged Artist™ Shoppe

TweetleBirdie - Twitter Stuff

There's some fun things there for kids if you're doing your back to school shopping - Especially the kids version of School Dazed: I ♥ School - enjoy and send me photos of you wearing the tees, aprons, hats & shoes!

One Click Shopping at The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery:


  1. Hey, I like the new site format. Very easy to navigate. Your video bio is cute too!

  2. Thanks Cindy - I was hoping it was. It's so hard to cram a lot of info into one page neatly and with style!

  3. It's awesome. Big change, for the better.

  4. Chaka sang the heck out of this song didn't she? All this great music from her makes me want to get a greatest hits CD or something.

    I also thin the new format is easier to navigate and I'm loving the new logo.

  5. Ditto on great design and ease of navigation. I'm so nostalgic for "back to school." I still love school and office supplies, and when I go to Office Depot or one of those places this time of year, it's all I can do not to buy the store of stuff I don't need for my imaginary locker, LOL!

  6. Joyce - I have that problem in art supply stores - I want all the new sets of colored pencils, felt tip pens and pastels they have, lol.

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