The First Day of School - Vintage Lunch Box, Big Chiefs & Nostalgia

A newsletter from Zazzle about upcoming holidays and events reminded me that school will be starting soon. Parents all over the country are probably out there running around malls, dragging along their grumpy kids who'd rather be elsewhere, trying to get those same grumbling rug rats ready for their first day of school.

It brought back some memories of being dragged through stores shopping for new clothes and school necessities by my Mom half a century ago. While the screaming, bored and pouting kids might be the same today I'll bet the supplies and clothes aren't!

What you see in the original cartoon illustration I created for the start of the school season are some of the supplies and things I dragged off to the first day of school - see anything familiar? Did you carry Big Chief tablets, a little box full of #2 yellow pencils, a box of Crayola crayons in one hand and a tin lunch box in the other? Those tin lunch boxes that we scratched up in cavalier fashion fifty years ago are now vintage - worth small fortunes! Mine featured Howdy Doody - yup, "hey kids, what time is it?" I also remember singing this song:
School days, school days
Dear old golden rule days
Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hickory stick
You were my queen in calico
I was your bashful barefoot beau
And you wrote on my slate, "I love you, Joe"
When we were a couple of kids
I thought maybe your kids or your grand kids might get a kick out of going off to school with a tee shirt or hoodie with some of the same things you did so many decades ago. And you might enjoy a matching tee, hoodie, coffee mug or apron as a reminder of your first day of school.

SCHOOL DAZED - The Adult Version

I ♥ SCHOOL - The Kid Version

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