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This week's Old School Friday theme is Blogger's Choice so I'm going with THE classic rock and roll theme song and my favorite rockers from the seventies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Present:
KISS performing "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night" in a rare 1976 video:

And for a little fun let's get really down with That 70's Show's KISS Video:

Now, I know all you boomers want to run right out and start up your own rock and roll band - again - but here's a little word of caution to all you wanna be rockers over 50:


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  1. I don't like KISS's music much (I'm horrible, I know!) but love the graphics.

    As for mine... the header's almost done, so thanks for the offer. Maybe we can work together on a t-shirt for my fictional band or something... THAT could be fun!

  2. Susan - I was never a big fan of hard rock or heavy metal either - but I think the stage make-up and costumes sucked me in - I'm such a diva, lol.

    I'd love to do a design for your fictional band(?)!

  3. Hehe!! Come on, who doesn't like this song? I mean really??!! You can't help but thrash your head around and air guitar to it!

    Happy OSF lady. :)

  4. You gotta love Gene and the crew. I hope all is well out in Cali Diva.

  5. I must admit...I too am drawn in by the costumes and makeup! LOL...

    Happy OSF!

  6. Marvalus - it's hard to resist a man in grease paint, lol.

  7. Despite being in a town where Mardi Gras is our favorite time of year, when I first saw KISS I thought they were strange, always hiding behind a mask. I guess that was the Simon Cowell in me thinking gimmicky. Naaawwww. It was just a teenage girl who said "weird" to a lot of things. :-) But now I get kick out of seeing clips of them. And Gene's the biggest trip of all. Happy OSF!

  8. KISS! Whooooaaaa!!!

    And yes, darn near broke my neck wearing those platform shoes!

  9. Verite - Even for a person who's used to the Mystique of Mardi Gras KISS is pushing the envelope for wild! BTW, I love masks and did mask art for years. I'm currently in the process of recreating them again for my website's Pop Art section: Stars In Rainbow Mask and Whirling Rainbow Mask and they're on tees and cups and goodies at my Boutique in the Pop Art Department.

    Thanks for stopping by again!

    SjP - Me too! I actually got mugged on Union Square in S.F. wearing a pair of platforms and it was almost the undoing of me - no balance, no running! He got my purse but not before I kicked him in the knees with those platforms, lol! (Hope he still limps!) I fell on my butt kicking him, thanks to those platforms!


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