WEDNESDAYS RETRO MEME "I REMEMBER WHEN": Did YOU ever go watch the Submarine Races??

When I was much younger - a few decades or so,
and my hormones boiled up to "Overflow",
my boyfriend and I would make-out by the ocean
where the car would be parked, though still in motion!

The windows would drip from the steam we created,
the result of endless hours "making out" unabated.
Our legs and arms were tangled up in the car,
that gear shift was the most unpleasant by far!

We told our parents, in a white lie of disgrace
that we had been watching the Submarine Race!
This tale did not fool them, our folks knew the score
For they had been to this race a few times before!

It's been many a year since I've been to the races
of submarine boats in those make out places,
Today no windows get steamed on balmy nights
and no gear shifts or steering wheels poke or bite.

I'm older and wiser, my hormones in stasis,
but the memories linger of Submarine Races.
And now, when I think of the beach and the sand,
I remember those races from way back when.

The Submarine Races copyright 2008 by PopArtDiva.com. All Rights Reserved.

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