WEDNESDAY - I REMEMBER WHEN: Father Knows Best - Kitten, Princess and Bud

As a little girl I loved the show Father Knows Best. Probably because I closely identified with that family - my own family also consisted of the oldest girl, the middle boy and the baby girl- which happened to be me! I often identified with Kathy/Kitten in those days.

Though my Dad did not call me Kitten, nor my sister Princess, I do remember having quite a strong bond with him growing up. I remember when I was a Blue Bird (that's the Camp Fire Girl equivalent of Brownies in the Girl Scouts), we often had Father-Daughter dinners. Weeks before the upcoming dinner, we little Blue Birds would take a shoe box, wrap it in a pretty colored paper then decorate it up with felt and other materials. Then our mother would help us fill those boxes up with a box dinner to take to our Father-Daughter event! I loved those dinners and was very proud of my Father. To me in those days my Father Did Know Best!

P.S. In getting the link for the Camp Fire "Girls" I found that this organization is now called just "Camp Fire" and includes boys and girls! Yes, times have changed!

Please enjoy the very first episode of The Father Knows Best Show "Bud Takes Up The Dance" from Hulu.com!

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