From You Songs to YouTube - Music for You

My pop culture buddy, Malcolm (Pop Culture Dish), posted his list of his five favorite songs with "You" in the title as part of a blogging roundhouse (a meme) and I thought it would be fun to play! Playing this game was fun because you get to see the musical differences in generations - look at the songs on Malcolm's page and on another pop culture blogger friend of his and mine, Pjazzypar - Traces of a Stream.

Here's my list of some of my favorite songs with "You" in the title:
  • She Loves You - The Beatles
  • You Send Me - Sam Cooke
  • You Are My Special Angel - Bobby Vinton
  • Loving You by Elvis Presley
  • You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
Adding Bobby Vinton to the list reminded me of my very first boy/girl dance in junior high. I remember my dress, I remember the cheesy crepe paper decorations and I remember Bobby Vinton singing Blue Velvet. Every time I hear that song I still see that school gym, the dim lighting and I am transported back to being 13 again. My gawd, was I a doofus, lol.
So, for your listening pleasure here, without further ado, is Bobby Vinton singing Blue Velvet:

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  1. Terri,

    Thanks for the jaunt down memory lane... you are really good at that!

    Loved the songs and thought of a couple more:

    "you've lost that lovin feeling" by the Righteous Brothers and

    "only you" by the Platters

    There must be hundreds more, just can't think of them right now.

    Have a wonderful day... and more.

    Heidi Richards Mooney

  2. Oh, oh, oh, that was the song I was trying to think of "Only You" by the Platters!!!! I just love the old groups like them and the Ink Spots!

    Thanks Heidi!

  3. Hey Diva,

    I am a baby boomer too, but my first junior high dance was in 1968. I am more of a "Wonder Years" boomer :) I do remember listening to Bobby Vinton on AM radio in the mid 60's. My mother actually caught his Vegas act back in 1974. She was very impressed.

  4. Love your list, especially the Stones tune, but without looking at my sidebar, would you be able to guess my age/generation from my answers :)

    Thanks for playing.

    The meme mistress,
    aka Andrea

  5. I checked your list and you've got a really wide mix - and I love that you had George Harrison on yours - I missed that one too.

    I doubt I could peg a generation from the list you had! It ranged wide and far - Herman's Hermits indeed, lol! Good one!

  6. OK...here's my list:

    Only You--The Platters (I love that song!!!!!)

    You are the Sunshine of my Life--Stevie Wonder

    You Make Me Feel like Dancin' Leo Sayer

    You Make Me feel Brand New--Stylistics

    You Keep Me Hangin' On--The Supremes

    I Can't Get Next to You--Temptations

  7. Bev - those are good ones! How could I have forgotten Stevie!!?


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