Remember snowball fights? Your mom bundled you up in so many layers of clothes that you walked like a robot and looked like a fat kid? Remember your mittens being tied to your wrists so you wouldn't lose them? Remember how your nose would run and then it would freeze on your upper lip? (Yes, gross, but it happened!) Remember being pelted with so many snowballs that you dripped all over the floor when you went back inside?

Well, those were the old days! Now you get to stay inside where it's warm and cozy and you can leave the coat and mittens off - you can have a snowball fight on your computer! My, how times have changed!

My friend just sent me this via email. It's an online snowball fight game with Santa And the Elves, so if you want to waste a little time click here and enjoy! I got to level two and then walloped Santa one too many times.

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  1. Diva Karen O'Bannon4:31 PM

    I got the biggest kick out of this post! (LOL) Thanks for sharing. Brought back some sweet memories.

  2. Did you play the game? I swear I spent and hour on it! LOL.


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