After a long hiatus I am finally back in the digital world blogging, webbing and posting my latest, greatest martini recipes.

PopArtDiva.com is almost done (after long legal mumbo jumbo) and will be uploaded in the next month. You can look forward to great Pop Culture Art, great martini recipes (I'm having an Orange Truffle Martini as I type this - my new laptop, Digital Diva's favorite!), great free wallpapers, and free e-cards. You can listen to great retro sounds, visit the Diva Bistro where all the best Divas go to play and just thoroughly enjoy yourself whilst buying some really great art (if I do say so myself, lol).

I have been immersed in pop culture and you will find most of my "finds" on the website when it's published. For my TV stuff you can visit my TV blog at www.popartdivatv.wordpress.com, for the latest martinis & munchies go to www.popculturefood.wordpress.com. And you'll see links to all my other stuff on those blogs and my website.

In the meantime, I have just uploaded a Bush countdown clock for my Firefox. My girlfriend had sent me a keychain countdown clock some time ago. I guess these will be great pop culture someday. The scary thing for me was getting the real world clock/keychain and seeing over 900 days left. The next time I checked - I swear to God - the days were 666! Is that prophetic or just nightmarish?????

Okay, have to go - the Orange Truffle Martinis are getting to me. . . . . .