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Over the last 4 decades I've created and sold thousands of paintings and illustrations and I managed to keep copies of nearly all of them.  I was moving the studio around and pulled out one of my portfolios from about 20 years ago and found a bunch of really high quality, professionally photographed images of several original paintings I'd done.  I've done so much work over the years it's easy to forget one piece, even a series of pieces I've done.  Sad, but true.

They all had my signature bright colors, a kind of linear cartoon illustration style and that pop art look of the sixties I love, so I decided I'd scan them all in high resolution and do some digital re-purposing on them.

Since this Tuesday is Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday - the day before Ash Wednesday) I started on this one called "Jazz City".  I sold the painting over 20 years ago but I still like the way it captures the Carnival spirit of Mardi Gras.  I'm a little late getting it up in time for selling the products on my store - in fact, I'm too late but the spirit moved me so I went ahead with this one anyway.  Besides, I'm posting a Mardi Gras Martini for Fat Tuesday and I needed some Mardi Gras art for it!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Fat Tuesday, read about Mardi Gras here on Wikipedia.

Check out the MARDI GRAS MARTINI for your Fat Tuesday Celebrations!

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Stay tuned because I also have some cool Pop Art Cowboy Boots and a couple of other fun images I'll be revisiting and updating!


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