What to do with leftover Turkey

Thirteen Things to do With Leftover Turkey
  1. Have Turkey dinner again. . . and again and again and again. . .
  2. Feed it to the pets - chop it up, add some rice and make the cat and dog happy.
  3. Make a Sherry Turkey Pot Pie.
  4. Give everyone a doggy bag full of it.
  5. Grind it up, add some flour and water and sculpt a whole new turkey from it.
  6. Have a turkey food fight.
  7. Wrap it in foil and freeze it. You'll forget about it for six months but by then you can throw it away and blame it on freezer burn.
  8. Put it out for the wild animals.
  9. Make Turkey Soup
  10. Make Turkey Sandwiches
  11. Make Turkey Casseroles
  12. Make yourself a lot of martinis because you're gonna be sick of Turkey anything
  13. Just throw it away - you know you want to.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING - Enjoy your Turkey!!!

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