Why I like it when guests come to visit - Guest Post by Pixel

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  1. I am very social and I like to see people other than Mom sometimes. I love Mom but I need variety.
  2. Mom's visitors don't know our rules and they let me get away with stuff when Mom's not looking.
  3. I get more cookies because I do lots of tricks that Mom's guests like, I can growl like a bear, roll over, dance, get shot dead and then raised from the dead, then I pray, I fetch things on command and I shake hands and give five.
  4. See Mom makes me do all those things and only gives me one cookie - her visitors give me a cookie for each trick.
  5. I get lots more pets and hugs.
  6. I get to sniff all sorts of new and interesting things like suitcases, purses, clothes and shoes.
  7. Mom doesn't pay as much attention to me but that means I can do stuff I normally don't get to do.
  8. If they bring their doggie I get to play keep away with all my toys! I love this! I show off all my toys and then I don't let their doggie have them. I'm greedy with my toys.
  9. I get to play chase with the other doggie in the house and outside.
  10. I get to try other doggie food and water. Why does other doggie's food and water taste better than mine?
  11. I get to sneak out and snuggle with the guest peoples at night - it's fun to snuggle with new peoples!
  12. I get to stay up late and share martinis and munchies every night!
  13. I get to go fun places like parks and beaches and stuff!
Mom will be back next week with her retro nostalgia stuff - after all her guests are gone and she's slept for a day or two (that's what she said). I hope you enjoyed my guest post - I really like posting blogs and maybe I'll get one of my own soon!

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