Where's My Martini????

Well, last night I enjoyed a few Orange Truffle martinis while surfing the net, tonight I was so tired from doing the product pages for popartdiva.com that I was to lazy to shake a martini up so it's raspberry/peach tea. Besides it's hot here today - 103 at last reading - and I needed something cool.

I am still hunting for pop culture in America - but I've had my head buried in creating the pop culture site so much that the only culture I've encountered is something growing where I don't want it to, lol! Kidding, I actually do wash my dishes and clean my house even when I'm this busy!

By the way, I will post recipes for all my "designer" martinis on my website and Martinis & Munchies logs as soon as possible so check them out and bookmark them!

I'm off to watch for pop culture on TV - and at this time of year I'll find it in old reruns. And, by the by, sad to see the Sopranos is ending. But, yahoo, Hell's Kitchen is back again!!!

Pop Art Diva