Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Pop Art!

Celebrate with some fun

For my series of Pop Art Food I had to include ice cream. One of my earliest memories involves a Dairy Queen cone, my grandfather's lap and my ponytail.  Combine these together and you get a soft serve covered pony tail painting the chin of a doting grandfather.

Here in my Pop Art Ice Cream Cones I give you ice cream cones in all their permutations - Safety cones, waffle cones, hard ice cream, soft serve with the famous little curly cue tip - all in a rainbow of colors.  There's a flavor here for everyone!  I'm just a big ice cream fan.  (I like ice cream so much I even have a whole section of Ice Cream Martinis over at The Martini Diva!)

Put a little fun in summer and show off your love of ice cream cones with a fun poster, tee or gift covered in my Pop Art Ice Cream Cones.

If you prefer something more along the lines of popsicles, check out my POP ART POPSICLES ART & GIFTS!


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  1. We love the personal touch you added to this whistful href="http://www.fazzino.com/"<3d Pop Art It's great how this painting evokes your childhood memories!


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