Ever wonder how we get holidays like "National Lemon Meringue Pie Day" or "National TV Dinner Day"?  Seriously, who says what day is "National Rum Punch Day" or "National Eat a Hoagie Day"?  Well, my friends, it's often the President of the United States who designates these special days!

That's right, POTUS has, amongst his/her other chores and duties, the authority to declare a commemorative event, week, day or month by proclamation and each sitting President gets tons of requests to do just that by special interest groups, P.R. firms and trade associations. It is at each President's discretion which requests get a special day, week or month and which ones get vetoed.  Whatever the hopeful holiday, it's obvious that the only ones that actually reach that desk in the Oval Room are backed by powerful special interests!

If you don't have a lobbyist or a White House aide in your back pocket, have no fear. The President of the United States is not the only authority who can declare a "special observance" day or event though he/she is the only one with the power to declare it a true "National" event.  State Legislatures, Governors and Mayors can also declare anything from a "National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day" (March 6th) to "National Jackass Day" (March 21st).  There seems to be no central clearing house in our government for "National Whatever You Want To Call It" holidays, which would explain why there might be two different dates for a particular commemorative day or event.

There is, however, a publication that keeps track of many of these special events called Chase's Calendar of Events published by McGraw-Hill that you can reference in case of a "National Whatever You Want To Call It" crisis.  There is even a blog called National Whatever Day you can use as a reference.

Though I realize this can all be confusing and difficult when it comes to planning parties, I cannot, in good conscience, expect our government to set up a committee, a department or a special ad hoc bunch of politicos who have nothing else to do, in order to get control of this growing deluge of holidays. After all, this would be fiscally irresponsible and a waste of taxpayers money. . . which, of course, makes me wonder if there is not already some secret group hidden away in the bowels of Congress (or Area 51) already "studying" this issue.

Of course, you know, I am now on a crusade to create "National Pop Art Diva Day" and "National Martini Diva Day". . . . . and I might even settle for "National Pop Art Diva Martini Day" for January 14th! Hey, it's no sillier than "National Goof-Off Day" (March 22) or "National Build a Scarecrow Day" (July 1st)!


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