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Like I said in my last post, I have wanted to do a series of Pop Art Food for ages. I finally got around to starting the series and did some Pop Art Cupcakes after visiting one of those hot, new cupcake bakeries for my birthday in January.

But I really got started on the series when I got inspired by a visit from the ice cream truck coming down my street recently. That little tinny jingle sent me flying to my purse to grab some money and get one of my favorite frozen desserts from childhood. I remember always pestering my mother for a nickle when I heard that ice cream truck jingle as a kid and it prompted me to write a couple of posts about those days:

How Popsicles became POPSICLES® - Ice Cream Nostalgia

Bomb Pop, Astro Pop, Creamsicles & Other Nostalgic Ice Cream Treats in the Atomic Age

With that kind of nostalgic inspiration I ended up doing a series of Ice Cream Martinis for my site, TheMartiniDiva.Com, then finally sat down and started my Pop Art Food series!

So far I've done:
and these POP ART PIES
Tomorrow I'm posting my latest - POP ART COOKIES
(which I'll post tomorrow)

Yesterday I was grabbing a quick hamburger in a fast food joint and realized that it would also be fun to do Pop Art Hamburgers, Fries and Hot Dogs! Guess what my next pop art projects are?

I always say I can Pop Art just about anything - I've done company logos, people and their pets of course, celebrities, cocktails, money, rubber duckies, even famous landmarks- you name it I've done a Pop Art of it or I will!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY - No, I haven't done a Pop Art Flag yet - what was I thinking???

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  1. I love these illustrations! I'd love to put them in my kitchen!

  2. Beth - I have them on posters in sizes from about 11x11 up to 52x52 and also in a long narrow format in various sizes. Plus they're on cups and aprons too - all great for the kitchen!

    Thanks for stopping by - check them out on Pop Art Diva Gift Gallery - POP ART PIES


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