STUCK IN THE SIXTIES - Old Hippies Don't Pass Away, They Tye Die

Harold peaked as a political protester in college. He never quite understood the Sixties had come and gone. You know him, you've seen Harold or someone like him while you were out and about. If you notice him at all your first thought is probably, "wow, still stoned after all these years" or "OMG! Look at that hippie - I thought they were all dead!"

Harold is one of those poor, time challenged people who pine for "the good old days". He still smells like stale Maui Wowie smoke and patchouli, his closet consists mainly of tie dye from five decades of street vendor shopping, his home decor is reminiscent of Haight -Ashbury head shops and, yes, he still drives a VW and it's not one of the new, cute ones.

If people feel anything for Harold and his kind, it's probably pity. Maybe a bit of disdain is mixed in with the pity, maybe not, and they certainly don't envy him. But I wonder if maybe Harold might have the right idea. Is it possible he's found a way to be happy in an increasingly chaotic and unexpected life?

To Harold the world is still a place of peace, love and trail mix, not a landscape of tumbling economies, increasing stress and fear of the future. Harold ignored the future and stayed in a time and place where he felt safe, comfortable and at home. Harold's maybe not so pitiful after all.

I wonder what I did with my tie dye tees and hemp sandals?


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  1. I'm with Harold! Peace, baby, peace!
    Although my fashion has changed, many of my personal ideals are a throw back to the good old days of flower power. I think we were onto something back then and our generation accomplished much that we can be rightly proud of.
    So, like Harold, you can bury me in my Tye Die!

  2. Eileen - since I'm the one who designed your masthead for you website, The Feisty Side of Fifty, I think I already did "bury" you in tie dye - or at least I enrobed you in it, lol!!

  3. Nice story. Harold may be on to something. Although they wouldn't admit it, I'll bet a lot of people are envious of the Harolds of the world because they represent freedom... just like Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) in "Easy Rider".

  4. Pop Art Diva, YOU GO GIRL!!!

    I am a GLAM DIVA!

    Check out my blog!


    KISSES!!! and keep being DIVARIFFIC!



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