Halloween is just two weeks away so this week I'm posting my 13 favorite Halloween Recipes from The Martini Diva and The Diva of Tiny Foods - these are the cocktails and appetizers I would serve at my own Halloween Party:

  1. The Slimy Eyeball Martini - How can you not love something you can stick an eyeball in for a garnish??
  2. The Smashed Pumpkin Martini - this martini actually tastes like pumpkin pie!
  3. The Nose Picker Martini - Yes, it's a really good tasting coconut, banana, melon martini but, guys, my favorite part is the name - be good little goblins and drink you boogers, LOL!
  4. The Count's Bloodtini - This is a tomato based martini that really tastes good and it looks like you're drinking blood - perfect for the vampire lovers out there!
  5. The Jack-O-Lantern Martini - This is one of my favorite martinis - all the rest of the year I call it the Orange Julius Martini but, hey, it's Halloween so toss in a Pumpkin Peep and get your ghoul on.
  6. The Spider and Snake Martini - Come on, how can you not love a martini made with Blavod Black Vodka and garnished with gummy worms and spiders?
  7. Mad Science Soup Tubes - This is such a fun food - it's basically cold gazpacho soup BUT the kicker is you serve it up in test tubes and display them in a bucket with dry ice - so fun and so tasty!
  8. Nose Booger Pickers - Eeeuuww - such a gruesome name for simple grissini (skinny bread sticks) dipped in green colored cheese - they go great with the Nose Picker Martini!
  9. Worms in Black Ooze - A gory name for a really delish black bean dip - the worms? chow mien noodles!!! Oh, this one is just fun!
  10. Cheezy Finger Food - Yup, cheese molded into severed fingers, hope you're not queasy!
  11. Eerie Eyeball Eats - These look like eyeballs but they're tasty mozzarella and olive appetizers.
  12. Oh, Dem Bones, Dem Bones - Tender and tasty bone shaped bread sticks - great alone or for dipping with #13.
  13. Slimy Green Goo - Spinach Dip, what else? Serve it up in a hollowed out gourd for added holiday flavor.

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  1. Lots of fun ideas. I kinda miss all the hoopla my kids made about Halloween. Sigh. Getting old sux lol

    Fun list. Happy T13!

  2. Wow, there are lots of boogers at your Halloween parties! lol

    Those are some very fun ideas.

    Happy TT

  3. Ooh, #2 makes me want to bake a few loaves of pumpkin bread. Or would that be overkill?

  4. Cute list. Happy TT.

  5. great ideas for halloween fun!

    i think i'm going to have just the number 12!

    thanks, too for your thoughtful comment!

  6. Some of these foods will get a giggle out of my kid and the names will leave her laughing.

    Calico Contemplations

  7. Dear Pop Art Diva,

    I just read through your list of ghoulish and ghastly recipes and LOVED them! The names alone are enough to turn any stomach but, knowing you, I'm sure they're a delicious blend of great food, sass and a bit of sadism thrown in for good measure.
    Hooray for Halloween and hooray for the queen of the holiday! If anyone can turn eyeballs, worms, and boogers into tasty treats, you can, my friend!

  8. Adelle - As adults we can have costume parties but. . .why can't adults go Trick or Treating?? Why not? Who says we can't?

    Tracie - lol, that's so I could say "booger" - "booger, booger, booger" remember how much fun that was when you were a kid?

    Ann - Nope, in fact pumpkin bread goes nicely with a pumpkin martini

    Journeywoman & fickeinpink - thanks and thanks for stopping by

    Calico - That's the whole idea - the food should be good food that people want to eat so you have to get "ghoulish" with the names instead! Even more fun - download my two blank Halloween recipe cards, shrink them down to about 50% or so, print out, trim and then write the dishes names on them and place them by each dish so people get the fun along with the food!

  9. Eileen - The whole point of Halloween is to get outside your comfort zone - eating and drinking boogers and eyeballs ought to accomplish that, LOL!

  10. I'm not sure whether to barf or belly laugh--a little of both! What totally clever names and goodies! I'd love to throw a party and serve them! Maybe by next year I'll be up for it. I haven't had a Halloween party in eons. I do get a kick out of dressing up and opening the door to the trick or treaters, who often seem surprised that I'm in costume, too.


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