Continuing with the Think Pink Theme and Event for a Cure for Breast Cancer, below is my Thursday Thirteen featuring a bunch of random Pink Things below.

And for those of you who read my TT last week about the kitty who waltzed into my life - yes, I'm keeping her and her name is Stinky Pinky Tinky Kitty - stinky because she has huge gas events for such a little thing, Tinky because she answered to it, Pinky because I got her during Think Pink and Kitty because that's what I called her for the first 5 days! Yes, I will call her Tink for short. Here she is in a cute pink collar thing:

  1. All Things Pink. Fun.
  2. Retro Pink Refrigerator. I love pink appliances!
  3. The Amazing Pink Things - Comedy Troup - very 80s funky looking!. I don't know if their comedy is funny but they got the retro look down.
  4. Great Pink Things photo from a Breast Cancer survivor!. I think these woman owns every pink ribbon pin ever made - kudos to her!
  5. Retro 40s style Pink Bathing Suit!. Va va voom, lol.
  6. Retro Pink Bean Bag Chair. These were really comfortable but that was when I was in my 20s - in my 50s these are a bear to get out of!
  7. Elvis' Pink Cadillac
  8. Clint Eastwood's movie, Pink Cadillac
  9. The year and model of Pink Caddy that I have always wanted, except I'd add white fur seat covers - hey, I'm nothin' if not White Trash who wants to be Pink Trash!
  10. My Pink Cadillac Martini, to drink in my cool Pink Cadillac but only in the driveway - I don't drink and drive. I will drink and park though.
  11. Pink Flamingo Cocktail Napkins
  12. My Pink Flamingo Martini to go with them.
  13. My NEW THINK PINK GEAR store, tees and other stuff you can purchase to keep Pink and the Pink Ribbon for a Breast Cancer Cure out there in the public eye!
Recipes for Pink Martinis on free recipe cards - all Pink!
Recipes for Pink Appetizers and Foods on free recipe cards - all Pink too!
Breast Cancer.Org
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
National Cancer Institute
One Click Shopping at The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery:


  1. I'm off to pick up the Pink Martini recipe now. And the cat photo is adorable.

  2. Great post! Great cause! Your cat looks so cute with her pink play toy.

  3. Gal - There's two Pink Martini recipes up but check back, I'm posting all six between now and next Friday!

    Brenda - she is cute. God made kittens and puppies cute so you'd get attached before they grow up into adults!

  4. I'll have to show my girls those shoes. I have a feeling they'll be all over that. Great list. Happy T13!

  5. Adelle - you mean my fun shoes with my art in my store flash box at the bottom of the posts? How cool is it that I can sell shoes with my art on them???

  6. Love the little Tinker already. Send more pix! You are now a Momcat!

  7. I have to take the pictures of Tink with my phone - by the time I try to get my regular camera out she's stopped doing whatever it was I thought was cute and is probably biting my toes again.

  8. We had a pink refrigerator when I was a kid. The other day I saw some bright blue washers and dryers at Lowes. They were so pretty it was enough to make you WANT to do laundry. Love the pic of the kitty, too darn cute. You are certainly IN THE PINK.

  9. Elizabeth - we had all pink appliances in the kitchen in Ventura when I was in high school. I remember we walked into the house and were shocked completely still, lol!

    But it made for a fun redecorate for my Mom and she grew to love them. I have a turquoise stove/oven now in my little retro home and love them.

  10. Wow cool post. I love all the pink stuff. I stopped by last week & see that you kept the kitty. Hope she's doing ok.

    I like the looks of that pink martini.

    Happy TT!

  11. lovely :)


  12. Sue - Kitty Tink is fine, albeit a bit stinky at times. I have to call the vet about that!

    Yeah, I'm having fun with all the pink stuff, especially all the pink martinis and foods.


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