I THINK I'M A CAT OWNER NOW - CRAP! Thursday 13 Dilemma



Growing up as a young child we had one dog, a daschund named Rinty, short for Rin Tin Tin. (Hey! I didn't name her, my brother Butthead did!) Later in my teenage years I got a kitty and named her Moki, a wonderful little black and white kitty who had a fondness for getting into places she didn't belong - like the mailbox!

In the intervening decades I've had a few other cats as pets, though I am primarily a dog person. I find cats somewhat less affectionate on the whole and much more independent. You can't train a cat quite like you can train a dog either though I must admit I never really tried!

Yesterday morning I found a teeny little gray and white kitten on my doorstep. It was very young, probably just weened or not quite, it was a little dehydrated and a bit skinny. Not a feral cat as I could easily pick it up and hold it, I believe it was either dumped out or escaped just recently.

It gets quite hot here in the afternoons, we have quite a bit of traffic and I couldn't let the kitten stay loose outside, but I was concerned to have it around my beloved Yorkipoo Pixel in case it could make her sick. Fortunately my cousin happened to be here at the time and she works for a vet so she checked her over and said she looked healthy enough and mite/flea free. She also (thank you, Rhonda!) informed me that cats and dogs do not transfer diseases.

So - dammit it all - I took it inside. Pixel uses a litter box so I was able to make it a little "poopy box" and I put out some of Pixel's food and water for it. Rhonda also told me cats can eat dog food but dogs shouldn't eat cat food so I had a temporary food fix. That cat immediately ate at least a half cup of food - it looked like it had swallowed a small ball!

I'm putting up a lost cat sign but I don't hold out any great hope that someone will claim "it". I say "it" because it's so young I'm not even sure if it's male or female! I also am not capable of taking it to the Humane Society because I'm sure it will be put down. I certainly can't throw it back out into the street, so I am now probably a cat owner. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.

I'm still not committed. Obviously. I haven't given It a name yet and I am putting up those signs, but there are reasons I contemplate keeping Kitty - there are also reasons I don't want to:

Thirteen Reasons to Keep or Not Keep Kitty
  1. PRO - God made kittens really, really cute to sucker you in. This cat is really adorable and beautifully marked. It's a lovely grey and white tabby with huge gray eyes. Crap.
  2. CON - Cats shed. I hate pet hair all over the place. Yorkipoos have hair, not fur and they don't shed!
  3. PRO - Pixel has "mommy" issues. Twice a year she goes through a whole fake baby phase, carrying around her hot dog toy and treating it like a baby. Pixel wants babies. Pixel immediately adopted this cat and has been hovering over it like an over-protective bear with a cub. Crap.
  4. PRO - This morning they have been playing together, it's cute as hell. This cat would be wonderful company and a great play companion for Pixel. Crap.
  5. CON - I don't need another animal to feed and take care of.
  6. CON - The cat farted all night long - really big stinky farts for such a little thing. Of course, that could be the result of eating dog food, not cat food. But, man, if it's just prone to fartiness imagine what they could be like as it grows!
  7. PRO - It cuddled with me all night and purred. It loves me. Crap.
  8. CON - It's another creature to worry about if I want to take a road trip or go somewhere.
  9. PRO - It's company for Pixel if I want to take a road trip or go somewhere.
  10. CON - I'll have to get It fixed.
  11. CON - If I keep it I'll have to come up with a name other than Kitty or It.
  12. CON - Do I have enough love to go around and will Pixel get jealous?
  13. PRO - The little bugger is really cute. Crap!
I had no plans to get another pet but I think the Universe had other plans. CRAP!!!!

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