Thursday Thirteen - It's a Dog's World Today!

(I'm taking the day off and Pixel will be doing my Thursday Thirteen! Okay, back to my coffee and danish and DVR......Later! PopArtDiva)

Thirteen Things Doggies Love To Do!
  1. We like to eat - doggy food, people food, doggy cookies, people cookies or any kind of cookies!
  2. We like to play - a lot!
  3. We like to chase things - anything that runs or rolls we like to chase!
  4. We like to snooze in the sun
  5. We like to snooze on people beds, couches and chairs
  6. We like to bark at the mailman, the UPS man or anyone who comes to the door and disturbs us while we're snoozing
  7. We like to leave "pee mail". (That's what Mom calls it when I piddle every four steps on our walks)
  8. And speaking of walks, we love them!
  9. We like to play with other doggies - we love our people but we need some dog time every once in a while
  10. We like it when our people pet us and brush us and take care of us because then we know how much they love us
  11. We like to get into things we're not supposed to get into - we know we're not supposed to but sometimes we just can't help it
  12. We like to smell butts
  13. We like to be with our peoples - all the time, every day, day and night, forever.

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