Old School Friday - SOUL TRAIN

I didn't watch Soul Train much - it was big in the 70s but I was busy going to college and working full time. When I did get to watch what I remember the most was the big Soul Train sign with the overlapping letters in it - all shiny and gold behind the stage and, of course, the dancers. I would try to catch the show when I could to see the new dance floor moves. God forbid I should ever get caught doing The Freddy again, lol.

It might interest you all to know that the show ran for 35 years! It started in 1971 and ran through 2006. It's not on television anymore BUT - hold on to your platforms! - there's a movie in the works! In the script writing phase, Soul Train The Movie is about two male dancers and is a comedy. Okay, if you say so. If it makes it to the big screen I will certainly be among those to go see it.

Here's a fun video showing the Soul Train Line - looking back at these fashions just gives me a giggle!

Here's The Miracles - all decked out in hot pink!

Here's the O'Jays with Back Stabber from 1972:

And The Temptations - Superstar:

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  1. Jungle Boogie and Back Stabbers have always been two of my soul favorites. Always love hearing Kool and the Gang and the OJays.

    Just when I thought I'd heard everything by the Temptations. Superstar is a new one to my ear. Thanks for the awareness.

    But I really appreciate you posting Do It Baby. I always liked this song but never new the correct title or group name to search it properly. I'm saving it to my personal archive today.

    Thanks for the great selections and happy OSF!

  2. A Soul Train movie? That, I did not know--thanks for the heads up!

    Happy OSF!

  3. Good choices, and I know you're not the only one who looked "off" trying to dance like the people on Soul Train. :-) Wish there was more to that Temptations clip. My boyfriend following high school looked like Dennis Edwards. I would have married him had not my parents interfered. And the story behind that sounds like fiction.

    Happy OSF!

  4. What they do...they smile in your face and all the while they want to take your place. Words of wisdom in song. Of the 3 groups you showcased the Miracles win the best dressed category in that hot pink - lol.

    Diva, you are an artist to notice the Soul Train sign. Go on and do the Freddy down the Soul Train Line!

    Happy OSF.


  5. Martin - You never heard Superstar? Wow. But then I'm a Temptations fan so I had nearly all their releases at one time or another from 45s and now DVDs, lol.

    PPR-Scribe - Well, that's the rumor I heard - kinda funky cool, huh? Though I'm not sure how comedy will mix with the Soul Train legacy. . .

    Verite - yeah, try as I might that partial clip was all I could find. BTW, I'd love to hear that Boyfriend/Dennis Edwards/parental disapproval story sometime! Went down a similar road myself 40 years ago.

    HagarsD - do you really want to see me do the Freddy down the Soul Train Line?????????? Hahahaha.

  6. You brought back some memories for me Diva! Kool & the Gang were one of my favorite bands during the 70's. The clothes, the hair, the trips down the soul train line, this theme is just great! Happy OSF!

  7. Hi, Diva. Thank you so much for dropping by my spot at Examiner and commenting on Star Trek. I really appreciate it and responded to you there. I saw the movie today, btw. :-)

  8. Even though I was a legal "grown up" at the time, I was a HUGE fan of Soul Train. LIke my heroine, Murphy Brown, I am a lifelong Motown fan and moved on to groovin' to anything with a funk-a-delic beat. Great tunes and super videos--love those 70's fashions. You could hardly breathe, but you could dance--or try to anyway!

  9. You picked some classics here! I think a lot of people watched soul train to try and learn how to dance!!

  10. Regina - for me it was a great way to learn more contemporary dance steps - my Mom taught me to dance but it was swing and I learned to greats like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw etcetera.


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