Nothing's further outside my music box than polka!

Okay, I'm doing my OSF early because I've got a really heavy day tomorrow so I checked the theme and it's "Outside My Box". Now, since I'm an early bird this week, I couldn't check around to see how everyone else interpreted this theme so I'm just going to have to wing it and figure it means any type of music that's not really "my thang".

Now I like a lot of kinds of music but there are a few that I can do without and one is polka. So, in the hopes of annoying you too; grab yer beer and let's polka with the Polka Party from the fifties:

And, of course, if you love Polka you must remember Rootie Kazootie - Polka Dottie - what a hoot!

Roll out the barrel! Happy OSF!

If you'd like to participate in the Old School Friday Meme check out this link: http://www.conversationswithmarva.com/osf/ and join the fun!

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