Nothing's further outside my music box than polka!

Okay, I'm doing my OSF early because I've got a really heavy day tomorrow so I checked the theme and it's "Outside My Box". Now, since I'm an early bird this week, I couldn't check around to see how everyone else interpreted this theme so I'm just going to have to wing it and figure it means any type of music that's not really "my thang".

Now I like a lot of kinds of music but there are a few that I can do without and one is polka. So, in the hopes of annoying you too; grab yer beer and let's polka with the Polka Party from the fifties:

And, of course, if you love Polka you must remember Rootie Kazootie - Polka Dottie - what a hoot!

Roll out the barrel! Happy OSF!

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  1. LOL...My parents used to park me in front of the TV when I was wee little tot and make me watch every single Lawrence Welk Show. I actually developed a taste for polka because it was a form of beat music and to this day I dance around when I hear it...

  2. Belle - I have to admit that I see my toes tapping sometimes during a polka. . . I chastise them but then I see they start up again when I'm not looking, lol!

  3. Finally someone who truly picked something outside of their box. I couldn't travel too far, yes, I am guilty.

    If I did go all out I would have chosen house or electronica. I think I would pick Polka over Electronica anyday.

  4. LMAO - Leave it to you!!!

    Happy OSF!

  5. I didn't even click to listen...I HATE polka!!!

  6. MrsG - I don't think I could get further out of my music box - unless I went with German Opera and I just couldn't do that to ya'll, lol.

    soul - hehehe

    Marvelus - I repeat my answer to soul, hehehe

  7. I think I'm still fulla zip and joy in great part cuza Rootie Kazootie! What a trip down Memory Lane for me. It was one of my childhood faves. Polkas do make me want to dance, although my favorite polka will always be polka dots, LOL!

  8. LOL!! I forgot all about Polka as a genre!

  9. Regina - forgot about POLKA??? How could you do that? LOL.


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