Reduced to the Murder of Wild Peeps - If My Mama Only Knew

It has been a very hard week for me. What started out as a hunt for the rare Wild Peep for my Easter Dinner turned into a full scale skirmish with freedom fighting marshmallow treats bent on mayhem and mischief and malcontent. I have been in a war with Wild Peeps and all I wanted was some fresh Peep meat for my holiday meal. In the end I am ashamed I went a little crazy and resorted to some mayhem myself:

This is a silent video confession - not my idea, someone caught me with their cell camera! - a picture is word a thousand words after all. I have provided you with the appropriate silent movie theater organ music:

You can read my Twitter Updates for the whole story - as it stands at this moment I have 13 gooey bodies littered all over my home but the Wild Peeps seem to breed faster than I can dispatch them! This may be the end, Pixel and I are exhausted and our provisions are getting dangerously low - send reinforcements and ham!

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  1. Very creative. Funny too. Got a kick out of the silent movie music, but tell me, don't you feel at all guilty about violence against wild peeps? ;-)

  2. Vérité Parlant - After what those Wild Peeps did to Pixel and my house - not to mention the rare turquoise Peep who bit my toe and it still hiding somewhere in the kitchen - I feel very little guilt.

    But people must be aware that Wild Peeps are quite different from the fluffy, fun domesticated ones that find their way into Easter baskets! Wild Peep is feral and unpredictable but the taste of fresh Wild Peep is soooo much better than farm raised, gentle Peeps - although a bit gamey.

    Happy Easter/Passover!

  3. You are delightfully demented, Pop Art! Loved your "Peep Show," especially since it was a murder mystery--except we know who dunnit.

  4. Oh my, Ms. Pop Art--

    Although we're friends, I never knew what an inventive, black-hearted, little murderer you are! We've got plans to meet in person and now I'm afraid... VERY afraid!

    But I'm a big blonde so I'd like to see you TRY to stuff me into a blender! So take that you mistress of mayhem and leave those poor Peeps alone!

  5. Joyce - all in fun! I woke up at the beginning of the week wondering how to do an Easter martini with peeps, thought "sheesh, do I want to put a sticky Peep in my blender. What a mess it could be to clean off" and the whole "how to kill a peep" thing started from there.

  6. Eileen - You judge me, yet a moment later you are downloading my recipe for Easter Peep Martinis, huh?

    Well, I see you believe in "the end justifies the means": Dear Readers, please see Eileen's comment on the Easter Marshmallow Peep Martini (free recipe card there too!).Eileen's comment on the Easter Marshmallow Peep Martini


  7. Eileen - P.S. just how tall a blond are you? I'm checking for jumbo blenders now. . . . .


  8. Oh, how funny! My favs are sauted peeps and the cigarette. Even your dog didn't look happy eating the peep!

  9. You are simply hilarious! That was terrific, since we are not big fans of those wild peeps, it was even more delightful to watch! Have a great Sunday!

  10. Cindy - My favorites were the blender and the microwave - but maybe you had to be there, lol.

    Garielle - Those Wild Peeps can be quite troublesome! I had no idea when I went hunting for them just how troublesome!


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