Reduced to the Murder of Wild Peeps - If My Mama Only Knew

It has been a very hard week for me. What started out as a hunt for the rare Wild Peep for my Easter Dinner turned into a full scale skirmish with freedom fighting marshmallow treats bent on mayhem and mischief and malcontent. I have been in a war with Wild Peeps and all I wanted was some fresh Peep meat for my holiday meal. In the end I am ashamed I went a little crazy and resorted to some mayhem myself:

This is a silent video confession - not my idea, someone caught me with their cell camera! - a picture is word a thousand words after all. I have provided you with the appropriate silent movie theater organ music:

You can read my Twitter Updates for the whole story - as it stands at this moment I have 13 gooey bodies littered all over my home but the Wild Peeps seem to breed faster than I can dispatch them! This may be the end, Pixel and I are exhausted and our provisions are getting dangerously low - send reinforcements and ham!

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