I stumbled on this live commercial from The Howdy Doody Show for Twinkies! (Which strikes me as funny is because I just did a humorous retro art design for my online store that mentioned Twinkies - see below.) This spot is kind of cute - Buffalo Bob is pretending to mix up a batch of Twinkies - and "Allah-Kah-Zamm!" two perfectly packaged Twinkies!

And for those of you my age who remember watching in the fifties, here is a clip from the very last episode (the 2,343rd episode!) of The Howdy Doody Show. This clip includes the final Howdy Doody goodbye song and Clarabell's First Time Ever to Speak on the Show!! Do you remember what Clarabell's only words were???

For some fun Howdy Doody Trivia check out my Art Tribute to Buffalo Bob and Howdy

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes! Howdy was the show that made me stand on my head with delight when I was just a year-plus old. Thanks so much, Pop Art, for this heartwarming trip down Memory Lane. However, I have to say after seeing that hilarious Twinkie commerical, I now understand why some boomers are still in Doodyville when it comes to truth in advertising! The book Glued to the Tube cites how Howdy first brought advertising and its lure to children. By now, we hopefully know when something doesn't "ad" up, LOL!

  2. Joyce - it was amazing what the commercials could get away with then, huh? Pandering to us poor little kids, lol.

    Yeah, the video of the last show brought tears to my eyes too.


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