Big Band Music and Martinis - Cure for a Bad Day

Today's theme for Old School Friday is "I had a bad day". Now, I have my bad days too and what I usually do to fix that is mix myself a couple of martinis (from my own extensive recipe collection at TheMartiniDiva!) and pull out the Big Band music, particularly Glenn Miller!

For some reason this music has always had a place in my heart. Maybe because I grew up listening to it with my Mom and learning to dance to the sounds of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, The Andrews Sisters, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman and Kay Kaiser, among others. There is an upbeat, swinging sound to this era of music that just makes you want to stand up and boogie woogie!

So the next time you're down in the dumps, click over to The Martini Diva™, stir up some juice and get your jive on with the Big Bands of the forties!

Glenn Miller, String of Pearls:

Glenn Miller, Moonlight Serenade:

Glenn Miller, In The Mood:

The Original Andrews Sisters Version:

A rockin' "scaled up" version by The Divine Miss M, Delores and the DeLago sisters or as you might know her from the movies, BETTE MIDLER:

Baby, if you don't feel better after these and a couple of martinis you may not be savable!

This meme was developed by Marvalus View and Mrs. Grapevine
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  1. I love that you bring something different every week to OSF...and I love big band!

    Happy OSF!

  2. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! For the past few months I have been on a Big Band Swing craze!! My kids think I am crazy! In the mood and moonlight serenade are definitely in my top 5 along with in a sentimental mood, stardust and a host of others!
    Something about the sound of that clarinet with the muzzle on it moves me!
    Not my bad day a work music, it's my all the time music!! Great picks!

  3. I love and know all of these songs. I studied Glen Miller in my jazz survey class, and I'm a huge fan of Bette Miller, she has one of the best voices.

    It's something about Bugle Boy that really captures the American Pride. This song can cut both ways, it's optimistic and tragic depending on how you read the lyrics. I think that's why everyone enjoys this song.

  4. Marvalus - Well, ya know I gotta go retro - it's a retro baby boomer's nostalgia blog after all! But I have a great time trying to twist things to my perspective! Thank you for the thumbs up!

    Regina - It's classic music for all generations isn't it?

    MrsGrapevine - I've been a big band fan since I was a little kid with a goofy haircut, lol. It just gets better with age - like me, lol. As for Bette - I have been her fan for over 30 years.

  5. ohhhhh dancing mermaids! That really put a smile on my face. I love Bette Midler. And a martini always makes my day better.

    You always have unique choices based on the theme of your blog. Happy OSF!

  6. wheneva - thanks, I do enjoy trying to come up with something to fit the theme and my blog niche! And yes, Bette is da bomb especially as a mermaid doing boogie,lol.

  7. I love Big Band music. This brought back memories of my childhood when my grandma would teach me the dances of her day. I'd watch my grandfather smile so widely as he watched my grandma. Grandma said grandpops couldn't dance, but would watch her until he finally got the nerve to talk to her. Thanks for the memories.

    Happy OSF.

  8. HagarsDaughter - your grandparents must have been around the age of my parents - same era sounds like. My mom would have turned 97 this last August.

    They gave us a good introduction to the music world, huh?


    You may be a bit shocked to hear this, but I really like Glenn Miller! When I was a little girl growing up in Montreal, we had a radio show that played "In The Mood" as their theme song. My Dad and I used to always dance around in the kitchen together. Fond memories! :)

    And the Andrew Sisters - gotta shake my tail feather. :)

  10. You bring a unique perspective that I have also experienced, having played myself in a band that played a lot of the classic Big Band songs. Moonlight Serenade was one of my favorites. Swing and the Big Band era was definitely a defining mment in music history as well.

  11. soulafrodisiac - I like that story about you and your Dad dancing to In The Mood - it reminds me of me and my Mom - she taught me to dance with Big Band Music.

    Revvy - I'm impressed, you played Big Band music! All I can do is listen to it and enjoy it. Cool.

  12. Hello Pop Art Diva

    I feel like Alice in wonderland. I found myself here after visiting OSF. Well ...see, I am new to the blog world and I think I may have missed something. Your blog site was listed in comments (PBR_Sribe?). Anyway, you have a nice house. Thanks for letting me visit ...oops I didn't even knock did I *lol*

  13. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  14. Now how can you have a bad day when you've got the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy going on? :-)

  15. CareyCarey - no problem but if this blog's a rockin' please do some knockin' - LOL. You're welcome anytime!

  16. I luuuuvvvv big band music and I thought about some Glen Miller and Count Basie for this OSF theme. Love your choices. Luuuvv them. :-)

  17. VeriteParlant - Glad you enjoyed it. I'm heading over to check out your picks!


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