What ever happened to BOBBY SHERMAN?

My friend, Malcolm, commented about a commercial with Bobby Sherman on my David Cassidy post this last Monday and he got me to wondering what ever happened to Bobby Sherman.

You remember him, he was a huge fantasy object of teenage girls in the 60s and 70s. I have to admit I thought he was cute too - even though I was more into Herman of Herman's Hermits (Peter Noone).

I certainly remember watching Shindig religiously, along with Hullabaloo and others like them. I think I even watched American Bandstand a time or two as a teenager - I certainly saw Bandstand often when my sister was a teenager and I was her annoying little sister!

I do remember loving him in the television show Here Come The Brides - remember that one? It also starred a very young David Soul!

And I'll bet you forgot all about Bobby's short lived series called Getting Together! Bobby appeared on the Partridge Family as a pilot for the show which only lasted 13 episodes.

Just to remind you of that teenage crush you had on Bobby, here are some more fun videos below. And at the bottom of the post is a little surprise on "where is he now"!

Bobby Sherman Shindig Milk Commercial:

Little Woman 1970:

Bobby Sherman on The Partridge Family - Double Whammy Nostalgia!

Bobby Sherman now works with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office!

Now how cool would it be if you got pulled over for speeding by Bobby Sherman????? And to think I actually live nearby there - look out Southern California freeway system, I'm on a mission!!! LOL.

Photos from BobbySherman.com.

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  1. On the back of a box of Alphabits was a cardboard record of Bobby Sherman singing 'Bubble Gum and Braces. My sister and I played it over and over on her portable record player. Thanks for some terrific memories.
    Mary Killian

  2. Mary thanks for the reminder about those cardboard promotional 45 records! I remember getting a few of those myself - wish I still had them!!

  3. All i have to say is Bobby who? I guess Leif Garrett was more my time.

    Unfortunately Leif isn't contributing to society like Bobby.

  4. I'd forgotten about Leif Garrett - he was after my time though I remember he caused some hubbub with the teeney boppers, lol.

  5. I used to watch "Here Come the Brides" religiously! Bobby Sherman in those days was a "heartthrob". I am happy to know that he went on to another career after Hollywood. He looks good too! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Pjazzy - he does look good - especially for the age he's supposed to be - I think they said 67, but I seriously doubt that - more like 60/62 I'd say!

  7. After reading your post of the David Cassidy/PF cereal commercials, I went to You Tube and stumbled upon a clip of Bobby Sherman's guest appearance on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. In addition to talking about his teen idol days and his current career as a public servant, he sung "Easy Come, Easy Go".

    Did you know that Susan Neher (who played Bobby's little sister on "Getting Together") was the original Joanie Cunningham in the pilot for "Happy Days"?

  8. I was such a Bobby Sherman fan back in the days. I am 50 years old today and I still think about the good old days with admiring Bobby. I remember when he was appearing at a Zodys in Hollywood and made my mother drive me at 6 A.M. to get in line for an autograph and a kiss. I was 11 years old. Thanks Bobby for the wonderful memories.

    1. OMG! I think I actually was in that same line! Yes I did search for "Bobby Sherman Zodys" and thanks to your post, this website came up in search! I don't think I got there that early, but I do remember being in that line! I was I suppose about 13 years old.

  9. Genise - ZODYS! I'd forgotten all about those stores - you reminded me of a few shopping trips I had with my BFF back in those days, thanks!

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  10. He's actually a sworn reserve officer in the LAPD and SBCSD and not a full time officer.
    A reserve cop is essentially a volunteer who backs up police officers as extra manpower on random assignments or as a trainer. They get a $50-$75 per month stipend and furnish all of their own supplies and laundering.

    Sherman's particular gig is he trains officers in how to give pre EMT emergency medical treatment.

    -a cop

  11. patton303 - thanks so much for the correct and detailed information - and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  12. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Wow, takes me back ages, how time flew, i remember seeing his gorgeous face on Tiger Beat and other teen magazines... he is still handsome... as to someone mentioning Zodys, makes me laugh or maybe makes me cry, where did time go?

  13. Anon - yeah, the mention of Zody's took me back like a bullet too, lol. Thanks for stopping by and making a comment!

  14. I watched Here Come the Brides, the theme even ended up with words to it.

    The bluest sky you've ever seen, in Seattle.
    And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle.
    Like a beautiful child
    Growing up, free and wild.
    Full of hopes and full of fears,
    Full of laughter, full of tears,
    Full of dreams to last a year
    In Seattle.

    When you find your own true love you will know it
    By his smile, by the look in his eyes.
    Some set pine trees in the air
    Or some stand around and stare
    Look out everyone, Here Come the Brides.

    I remember the song Cried like a Baby, it came out around the time Nadia did the back flid on the uneven parallel bar. Of course I had to try it, and shattered my left wrist. Spent 9 weeks in a cast.

    Love his eyes, that is what drew me in.

    Lots of stars I recognize in Here Come the Brides.

    Thanks for the memory!!

  15. OMG, I was also in line at Sherman's apperance at ZODY'S in Hollywood (back in 1974 or so)!! I am a (straight) guy but LOVED his music and got an autograph. I recall that I was one of the only guys there (also about 11). Those were good ol' days - but in some ways, so are these:-) Music-wise, THOSE were the best ol' days!

  16. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Hey fellow Bobby Sherman fans - "Here Come the Brides" is back on TV!! Just watched an episode on that cable channel that shows old episodes of The Monkeys, etc! And I still have my Bobby Sherman records from the back of the cereal box...

  17. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Thanks for the memories. Bobby Sherman was my first crush and my first concert. I saw him at the now gone Circle Star in San Carlos, CA at the tender age of 7.

  18. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I grew up with Bobby Sherman's music I too had my 1st crush! Bobby Sherman was my idol!


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