Thirteen Things about PopArtDiva, the artist formerly known as Terri Dennis

Since this is my first Thursday Thirteen "issue" I'd like to say Howdy to all the other Thirteeners out there and thanks for stopping by! You guys make blogging fun. And thanks to Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish for introducing me to all of you!

Thirteen things I loved or needed that I can't get anymore:

  • Banana flavored Fudgesicles - no chocolate in them, they were banana flavored. I loved those things.
  • Tom's Candy - Chicken Legs. These were peanut butter crunch sticks rolled in toasted coconut. Probably a good thing I can't find them anymore - bad for teeth!
  • Hula Hoops - I used to swing 4 at a time on my skinny little butt. My butt's 5 times as big now and I'll bet I couldn't manage one at a time - but man, this was a fun fad!
  • Nose plugs - I used these for swim meets. I do have to admit that I really haven't looked for any but they're not showcased in the corner drugstore anymore. And that brings me to
  • The corner drug store. No, not those big chains, the small independent little drug store that was owned by your friendly neighborhood pharmacist. This stores always had the weirdest and most fun stuff in them for some reason! Halloween was a great time of year in these corner shops!
  • Chocolate Egg Cream Sodas - There is nothing, absolutely nothing out there that tastes like a chocolate egg cream soda made at a real soda fountain!
  • Candy Lipstick - not those new ones in a plastic tube - the old fashioned ones in a gold foil wrapped paper tube. I used to eat those until I got sick and I often wonder if they would taste the same to me nearly 50 years later.
  • Free Halloween Candy from Trick or Treating - This was my favorite thing to do on any holiday - it beat Christmas and my birthday. I loved dressing up in costumes and getting huge bags full of free candy. Alas, because of freaks and bad people, this is entertainment of a bygone era. Sad.
  • Regal Crown Sours - Fifty years ago this was the only sour candy available and the cherry was my favorite. Nothing today compares to these.
  • Ben and Jerry's Rain Forrest Crunch Ice Cream - why, oh why Ben and Jerry?
  • A good TV Western series - whatever happened to the Western on TV? Maverick, Bronco, The Rifleman, Bonanza - even mini-series like Lonesome Dove (my all time favorite western).
  • A PeeChee folder - remember writing all over them, papers falling out as you ran home from school, how ragged and torn they got by the end of the year? Now all the folders are plastic
  • A hug and a kiss from my parents, a phone call from my sister, a welcoming bark and a wet kiss from my little Shadow, Tinkerbell landing on my shoulder and a blood drawing bite from my little Peter Pan. Of all the things I miss, these are the things I miss most in my life now.

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  1. I miss some of the those same things. Remember how the trick or treat bag smelt with all of those different candies and apples mixed together. I will never forget that smell :-) Anyhow try this link and see if it is your beloved candy lipstick.

  2. Welcome! Nice post idea. I remember the banana Fudgesicles and the Chicken legs sound a lot like Chick-O-Sticks which you can still get - at least around here. My favorite, candy cigarettes, like the lipstick, are nowhere to be found. I also miss the corner drugstore.

  3. Pjazzy - those are the new candy lipsticks - not the same thing at all. The new ones are hard and like sweet tarts - the old ones were soft and almost melted in your mouth and had the most unusual flavor. I'd eat as many as I could afford, have a bright red mouth and tongue for hours! But thanks for trying!!!

    Debbie - that's it Chick-O-Sticks! I loved them! I loved them!

  4. I will be back. I am an old soul too.

  5. Oh I am sooo lucky, we have an old rexall style drugstore that makes awesome Egg Creams. Fun TT and welcome!

  6. Welcome to TTs! This is one of my favorite things to do all week - just get out there and meet people.

    Fun list too - there's a lot that's changed that's for sure!

  7. I've seen hula hoops at Walmart. My daughter even has a couple.
    I've never had the old candy lipsticks, just the ones that are out now.

  8. cajunvegan - thank you - sometimes I feel like my old soul needs a face lift though, lol!

    Starrlight - I am so jealous - you get Egg Creams!!!!! Oh man.

    Claudia - I think this is going to be a great time! I might have to take Thursdays off and just read TT blogs (after I host my pop culture radio show in the morning)!

  9. Qtpies7 - they have hula hoops at Walmart? I guess I never go down the toy aisle there! Might just have to pick one up - maybe I'll get my skinny butt back again!

    Thanks to all the TTs for the Welcomes and posts!!

  10. I remember spending a good part of my summer days as a kid at the local drug store.

    I think the Hallmark Channel airs some made-for-TV movie westerns. I'm not sure if they are produced by the channel or if they are repeats from other networks. I still watch "Bonanza" on TV Land on the weekends. They mainly show episodes from the Pernell Roberts era, it's a good thing because those are my favorites.

  11. You just need to move down South to NC because several of the items on your list are still here. Also, I have a hoola hoop in my garage if you'd like me to send it to you :)

  12. Beverly - I can just see you packing that hula hoop up! LOL

  13. Hmmmmmmm.....Banana Fudgicles! I had forgotten about those!!! Yummy!!! Now I miss them too.


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