Spin and Marty - Boy, did I have a crush on Tim Considine

One of my fellow Boomer Divas mentioned "Spin and Marty" on my last post so I promised her a special treat today.

Below is a video packed with nostalgia from the wonderful world of Disney including The Triple-R Ranch (of the Spin and Marty episodes on the original Mickey Mouse Club) and a few other goodies that should get you running to your attic for your old Mickey Mouse ears!

Eileen, click here for an extra special treat from the boys of the Triple-R!

Maybe you preferred a coon skin cap in those days and this clip includes a little treat for you too!

The treat for me was Jiminy Cricket singing "When You Wish Upon A Star" from Pinocchio. I love that song and have from the first time I heard it over 50 years ago.

I've been a Disney fan since before there was a Disneyland! Growing up in Kansas I used to dream about going to Disneyland and seeing Tinkerbell. I finally got to go when I was 13 after my family moved to California.

As an adult I named my first cockatiel Tinkerbell and then bought her a mate and named him Peter Pan! I did up the photo above of me as a "Mature-kateer", my tribute to my love of all things Disney. And, yes, those are my own original Mouse Ears!

Ok, all you boomers, sing it with me now:

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, Mickey Mouse! (Donald Duck!) Mickey Mouse! (Donald Duck!) Forever let us hold our banners high, high, high, high!