When I was a kid flip flops were called thongs. You heard me right. You know those little rubber sandals with just a flat sole and a strap that slid between your toes? Thongs!

Telling people I tripped on my thong has brought on some very strange looks. And I often trip on thongs because they slide off my feet if I'm not careful! I have caused myself untold embarrassment from tripping on thongs and because I cannot overcome my childhood habit of calling them thongs!

You see, in those days what people call thongs now were called g-strings! Don't ask me why, they just were! I'm sure there's some truly obscure yet fascinating origin for the words thong and g-string but I don't plan on doing intensive research on the subject. After all, we're talking rubber sandals here.

I do have quite a collection of thongs - ooops, flip flops - these days. Seems they have become all the rage as a fashion accessory. I have fuzzy thongs - darn it, flip flops! - and cute metallic hot pink ones and a pair that looks like they were wrapped in colorful rags. They're comfortable and cool in the heat and easy to get on and off. In fact one of my favorite things to do with thongs - oh man, flip-flops! - when I was a kid was to see how high and far I could kick them off my feet!

If only I could kick the habit of calling them thongs!

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