Happy Valentine's Day - Be Mine, Be True, Say Yes

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - A Valentine's Day Pop Art. Available in various sizes as an archival print or a giclee on canvas at PopArtDiva.com.

Do you remember Valentine's Day when you were a kid? Those shoe boxes you decorated up in class, plastered with red and pink and cupids galore? School paste all over your fingers that you licked off? A little slit in the top where everyone could drop in their wishes for a Happy 14th of February?

Remember the cards your mom bought for you by the bag? Hundreds of little die cut, single layer missives that extolled the virtues of love and said what was in your heart? Did you always panic that that special someone would not leave you a card, or worse yet, no one would leave you one? Yeah, emotional stress of the highest level!

Remember the little heart candies made by Necco? The ones that said corny things like Be Mine, Forever, My Man, Be True, Say Yes? I guess nowadays they have updated the sayings to things like "Hot Stuff" and "Yo, Babe!" or something else in the current slang. Too bad. Those corny sayings had a charm, didn't they? We knew 50 years ago they were corny and we didn't care. They were still sweet and they were candies with a message!

Though I have my issues with Valentine's Day (you might enjoy reading my Valentine's Post - Is Cupid the Gangsta of Love?) I still like Valentine's candy. I love the chocolate and the big huge boxes shaped like a heart. Okay, I may not be a St. Valentine's Day fan, but I'm okay with sweets!

Anyhoo, for those of you who are in love, love the idea of being in love, hope to be in love or just love life, here's my latest Pop Art, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - A Valentine's Day Pop Art inspired by the oncoming event of Valentine's Day and those little heart candies from my childhood.

Happy Valentine's Day! And stop by The Martini Diva for my Valentine's Day Martini - The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini


  1. I was so intrigued with this post...amazing how different each person, in fact each COUNTRY, choose to celebrate days like this.
    It was fun to learn how you guys went to such length in class designing crafts for the day, sounded wonderful fun!
    As a child growing up, I can only recall buying cards when I was a teenager, and can identify with that stress placed upon us about receiving something, from anyone! lol We really didn't get into Valentine's Day that much as kids, nor did our schools, but I do remember my youngest son once made me a big pink heart, with 'I love you mum' in his school, something I will treasue forever!
    Thanks for the memory..

  2. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Besides Valentine candy, I really like colorful way your write your blogs! it is always a trip to my childhood to come by here and visit. Thank you for perpetuating the culture through your art.

    Pam Archer,

  3. Of all the holiday parties in elementary school, the Valentines card exchanging time is one of the most memorable. I remember how sweet it was to get a little Valentine from that special someone. Awww.. I also remember getting a marriage proposal in the 5th grade. hehe..

  4. Girlfriend,

    I still have some of those heart-shaped candies in my kitchen cabinet! I laughed when I read your post because it brought back some funny memories. We didn't have the "shoe box" We had paper bags that we decorated and normally the boys wouldn't sign their names because they didn't want you to think they liked you.

    WHATEVER! :)

  5. Teri,

    I love your work, and still love those little heart candies!! I didn't get any this year, hershey's kisses instead...and a few "no calorie" ;-) kisses as well.

    Love the colors, you can even turn a simple blog template into a work of art!

    Happy weekend!


  6. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Hello i stumbled across your awesome art blog and just wanted to say its excellent.Perhaps the best one i have seen in a long time.If you would like to here is my latest rose

  7. Thanks for all your comments! Pink Rose - if you love it maybe you'd like to send it to your friends via e-mail?


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