I don't know why I never thought of doing a motorcycle before now but I am so jazzed over this design and so tickled with the way it came out!  It reminds me of Easy Rider, probably because of the stars on the gas tank.  I would love to have a bike painted like this! (Heck, I'd like to have my house painted like this!)

I wanted to do something that was very stylized that could cover the gamut of motorcycles out there.  I think the gas tank and the seat look like a chopper, the fenders look like dirt bikes and the headlight looks like it's off an old 50s James Dean style bike.

Now that I've done a motorcycle I want to do a car or two - first I'm thinking of redoing an old hippie bus, then maybe some kind of cool classic car.  I'll let it mull around in the back of my mind.

In the meantime, I'm really, really happy with this illustration and, of course, immediately put it up on products at The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery
It's on everything from shirts to stationary to home decor to accessories! Take a look see:
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