NEW OCEAN VISIONS BEACH ART with Seahorse, Starfish & Seashells

Illustration of a Fantasy Ocean Vision with a Woman Swimming in the Sea surrounded by a Seahorse, Starfish, Seashells and Bubbles by Terri Dennis aka Pop Art Diva.

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This illustration started as a pen and ink drawing for one of my coloring books, Through the Eyes of an Artist. It happens to be my favorite coloring book, artistically speaking, because it contains some of my best drawings. I'm a little prejudiced because I loved the whole intuitive, direct inking drawing process I used throughout the book.

In this particular illustration, like many, I started with the eyes. For some reason my pen then just started a big swirl around the eye and by the time I was done I had this adorable little seahorse. From there it was all a day at the beach!

Like many of the pen and ink illustrations I did for this book, I planned to do a full color illustration. This particular coloring book I published has some of my favorite pen and ink illustrations in it and I plan on doing several full color renderings of many in the book, if not all of them. This one was the second, right after I did my Skull & Hibiscus Flower.
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