Downloadable Web Graphics Abstract Art, "SQUISHED"

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Here are eight (8) versions of a graphic illustration I call "Squished". Often in doing abstracts it is hard to give them a name because they're not representative images of anything in particular! I usually go with an adjective that first comes to mind, or in the case of later versions of the original art, whatever I happen to see in them.
I love creating abstract art, though technically I do more non-representative art because I don't start with an object in mind.  Non-representative work is art in it's purest form incorporating only form (design), color, texture, movement and your imagination. That last part is the best part because I am not limited by what things "should" look like and I am able to play freely within the other elements of color, form, texture and movement.
This is also great imagery for use on posts, websites, brands and businesses that don't sell or promote any particular product because they do not limit the eye or mind to any particular subject, thus leaving open the possibilities of use!

Add your own text, photos, graphics!
Create interest and impact for your online businesses!
Completely editable, resizeable in easy JPG format!

Paid Version is Watermark Free
(It will not contain the ghost copyright text or image)
These JPG images are 2048 x 2048 resolution (which is 28.444 inches at 72 dpi) and a file size under 5 mb, allowing you to resize/reformat for any web use.

Your purchase allows you to use this image(s) for website graphics, blog posts, social media images & avatars ONLY. No use for commercial or non-commercial printing is included in the license. No uploading to POD (Print On Demand) sites, such as Zazzle or Cafepress, for creating products is allowed. You may use the image(s) for the multiple online purposes stated above but PopArtDiva Enteprises retains copyrights and all rights.
For any other usage, contact Terri@PopArtDiva.Com for licensing information.

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