Seriously? You forgot Valentine's Day was a week from tomorrow? Oh dude, you're in trouble BUT have no fear PopArtDiva to the rescue - you can get great Valentine Gifts with all of my fun POP ART HEARTS and get them shipped in time to sweeten up your Valentine for your date on the 14th!

You haven't gotten your sweetie a Valentine Gift yet?

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Get Any of my Cute Heart Designs below
on Tees, Cups, Posters, Hats & Other Gifts
shipped in time for next Sunday - Valentine's Day!

Click any design to see all the fun Valentine Gifts available!


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  1. I want to ask why Valentine's day is always associated with love, the heart symbol, foods made from chocolate?

    It would be nice if in celebrating Valentine's day with the people - the poor or the elderly.

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  3. I absolutely LOVE your colorful and creative hearts! Any Valentine would be thrilled to receive a gift graced with such a beautiful symbol of love.
    As far as Valentine's Day itself, I agree with your comment. Love should be expressed in a variety of ways and to a number of people. English has only one main word for love. But, in other languages, there are several. "Agape," in Greek, represents love for all of mankind and, in the words of Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates." So why don't we share our love in lots and lots of different ways?

  4. OOPS! Hit the enter button before I was finished, sorry for that!

    pop art - please read my post:
    History of Valentine's Day

    BTW, there is no reason you cannot celebrate Valentine's day with the poor, the elderly, the disenfranchised or anyone else you hold dear. Love comes in all forms and is not limited to romantic love.


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